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Ryujin Icons (2024)


Who should I side with Ryujin? ›

Siding with Ularu also removes the Stealth requirement for any mission you later pick up on the Ryujin Industries mission board. Who you ultimately decide to side with depends on whether you're playing an ethical run or not and, if this is the case, then you'll want to side with Masako.

Should I side with Ularu or Imogene? ›

It's up to you whether you side with Imogene or Ularu, and your decision will not have a significant impact on later quests, aside from how dialogue unfolds. That said, good and neutral players will likely want to side with Imogene, who is telling the truth.

Is the Ryujin questline worth doing? ›

The Ryujin Industries faction is ideal for stealth and persuasion builds, offering a fun questline centered around corporate espionage. Completing the Ryujin Industries questline provides excellent rewards, such as an operative suit with a 25% sneak bonus and the unlocking of the manipulation skill.

Is there an end to the Ryujin Industries questline? ›

Your final mission in the Starfield Ryujin questline is to speak to all of the Executives, and convince them to either accept or reject the Infinity LTD takeover deal. You can also bring up Project Dominion, and sway them towards continuing or shelving that research.

Is Uluru or Imogene guilty? ›

Ultimately, the truth is that Imogene Salzo is innocent in Starfield. She has not actually leaked any of Ryujin's secrets. Instead, it really was Ularu Chen who set her up.

Who is the Ryujin mole? ›

Confront Imogene and she'll reveal that she was set up by Ularu, who is the real mole. She'll give you a slate with all the evidence to prove her own innocence, after which you can decide Imogene's fate by killing her or sparing her life.

Should I tell Dalton about Imogene? ›

You can also kill Imogene at the Syndicate Hideout, giving you her outfit and other time. There are no repercussions for killing Imogene, so you can opt for this ending if you want to. To complete the quest, tell Dalton that Imogene refused to cooperate, so you had to kill her.

Is Imogene telling the truth? ›

Confront Imogene and let her defend her actions. Once she has finished, make the decision of whether to kill her or spare her life. This choice will not have significant consequences other than removing Imogene from the game or keeping her in. Players should note that Imogene is telling the truth and is not the mole.

Is Uluru innocent in Starfield? ›

The Starfield “Guilty Parties” Ryujin Industries faction quest tasks players with finding out the truth behind Imogene's alleged betrayal. In the midst of this, you find out that Imogene is not the mole and it is, in fact, Ularu.

Should you join Ryujin? ›

Joining Ryujin Industries Gives Access To The Mission's Best Ending. However, if the player has joined the Ryujin Industries faction on the planet Neon before encountering the mission, a third option opens up.

What is the option A or B in Ryujin? ›

As Masako is briefing the on the mission ahead, she will give them two options for entry into Infinity LTD: Option A and Option B. The best choice is Option B, as it will make that part of the quest just a bit easier.

How to get Ryujin stealth suit? ›

To acquire the Operative Suit in Starfield, players must initiate the Ryujin Industries faction missions and complete the "Sabotage" quest. While progressing through Ryujin Industries' quests, you will eventually receive the "Sabotage" mission, which is stealth-oriented and involves breaking into Infinity Ltd.

Who to side with in Ryujin questline? ›

Masako. In all honesty, I find siding with Ularu over Masako to be a much more satisfying questline and ending.

Is Executive Level the last Ryujin mission? ›

The Executive Level quest is the final side mission assigned by the Ryujin Industries in their respective faction quest line. This means that all players in Starfield following the Ryujin Industries side quest will conclude their faction quest once they finish this mission.

Is Starfield a Ryujin? ›

Ryujin Industries is one of the Factions you can join in Starfield and, if you do, they'll have you navigating the dangerous world of corporate manipulation instead of the expanse of space.

Should you side with masako or uluru? ›

At this point, you have two options. You side with Ularu and help her usurp the current CEO or side with the current leader of the company, Masako. If you are a particularly bad player and like to do evil things, your clear answer here is to side with Ularu.

What happens if you confront Ularu? ›

(Optional) Confront Ularu on the Executive Offices Floor

Before returning to Dalton, you can confront Ularu first to know her side. She will confess she is the mole through persuasion or other unique dialogue options. You can then decide whether to side with her or with Masako.

Should I tell Yuko Starfield? ›

When you talk to Yuko, she only inquires about your findings at the hideout. While this dialogue isn't critical to the mission, you can still complete this objective with some extra dialogue. If you had picked the recovery objective from Bayu, you must deliver Kuhimo's Slate to Bayu before you go to the Ryujin Towers.

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