Penn State E Wall (2024)

1. e-Wall 2.0 - Penn State Map Wall

  • Fully customizable 6-panel display, currently featuring ECMWF/AIFS, GFS, and GDPS models. NBM Viewer.

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2. Penn State Map Wall

  • The Penn State Department of Meteorology and Atmospheric Science MapWall. About the MapWall; MapWall Image Portal · (New) e-Wall Home. About the Penn State Map ...

  • The Department of Meteorology and Atmospheric Science at Penn State has a long history of weather observation and education. As with many similar departments, a map wall has been a common meeting ground for faculty and students alike, forming a congregation point to discuss the finer points of a forecast and possible outcomes. For many years, the map wall was an expansive collection of difax charts printed and displayed across a wall in the weather center. In 2009, the Joel N. Myers Weather Center came into existence as part of an extensive renovation of the 6th floor of the Department of Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences home, Walker Building. A central component of this renovation was a digitization of the Map Wall into an Electronic Map and Visualization Wall. This new digital map wall is a cutting edge tool with a primary purpose to replace and enhance the traditional paper map wall. When installed in March 2009, the 147,456,000 pixel display represented the 5th largest contiguous display in terms of pixel density in the World.

3. Global Model Viewer - Penn State Map Wall

  • Penn State Meteo Map Wall. (New) e-Wall Home · Map Wall Image Portal · About. ECMWF · Hour 0 · Valid 12z Tue Apr 30. Model. ECMWF, ECMWF AI, GFS, GDPS. Run. 12z ...

  • Penn State Meteo Map Wall

4. Weather — Penn State Meteorology and Atmospheric Science

5. Map Wall Image Portal

  • The Penn State Department of Meteorology and Atmospheric Science Map Wall. About the Map Wall; Map Wall Image Portal; (New) e-Wall Home. Map Wall Image Portal.

  • e-Wall Content Satellite Imagery

6. Links - Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences

  • Penn State e-Wall: Medium-Range Ensemble page · Penn State e-Wall: SREF page · GFS Model and Ensemble Forecasts & Archives (from PSU). SPC SREF page · NCEP ...

  • Map Discussion Links:

7. Clubs and Organizations - Penn State Meteorology

  • eWall · Colloquium Schedule · Reserve Rooms/Equipment · UG Advising · Order Supplies/Equipment · Campus Weather Service · Hire a Wage Payroll Student ...

  • Links to Campus Weather Service, PSUBAMS, Weather Risk Management Club, Chi Epsilon Pi, SWIM, and the Storm Chase Team.

8. Weather Models and Links

  • Penn State e-Wall (Electronic Map Wall) ECMWF Numerical Model Maps NEXLAB Pivotal Weather Unisys Weather NCEP SREF Plume Fulton METARs ...

  • Weather Models and Links

9. Four-Panel Progs from the Penn State Tropical e-Wall

  • The upper-right panel shows the predicted mean sea-level isobars. The shades of blues and oranges/red represent areas of anticyclonic (negative) and cyclonic ( ...

  • This is a sample lesson page from the Certificate of Achievement in Weather Forecasting offered by the Penn State Department of Meteorology. Any questions about this program can be directed to: Steve Seman

10. Atmospheric Traditions | PennStater Magazine

  • ... Penn State's undergraduate program. Most of all, he was mesmerized by the electronic wall with weather maps, radar, and all manner of data, changing in real ...

  • Eight decades after issuing its first undergraduate degrees, Penn State’s meteorology program might just be the global leader in turning weather-obsessed young people into world-class forecasters.

11. Meteo 410 Resources - Team Gallagher

  • Key Data Resources for Meteo 410 · NCEP Model Analyses and Guidance (an excellent resource with a large variety of high-quality graphics) · PSU e-Wall (great for ...

  • Key Data Resources for Meteo 410 Forecast Progs NCEP Model Analyses and Guidance (an excellent resource with a large variety of high-quality graphics) PSU e-Wall (great for traditional four-panel p…


  • EURO E-WALL - PSU ELECTRONIC MAP WALL - ASIA E-WALL ... WRCC - NRCC, Tabular Data Texas A&M · Florida State, Oceans ... US Map - State Maps, DISCUSSION SPC - QPF - ...

13. Weather Links

  • National Center for Atmospheric Research - Simple site with easy-to-load graphics from the NAM, GFS, and RAP models. Penn State e-Wall - Classic site with lots ...

Penn State E Wall (2024)
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