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The Four Tops

The Box Tops



King Tops


Tops N' Bottoms

The Muffin Tops


Get With the Program


got it, he want it I'm horny I'm on it He's talkin I'm leavin'I'm not wit' the sleepin' (Nah)Get with the program ('Gram)Get with the program (Get


L.J Gray

3,2,1I know that you ain't with the ProgramBut imma need you to get the ProgramI know that you ain't with the ProgramBut imma need you to get

Can't Be Sure

Pete Wurthy

be on top but despised like sauerkrautSlow ya roll, if you think my retirement soonMy absence is honorable discharge from a platoonWhat does Pete



It's DOLOWORLD or no world ya diggYeaGet with the program babyGet with the program babyGet with the program babyYea, yeaWhite girl Lindsey



pickney dem a talk like Ben and HollyYow dem have wi under program and mi fi suh Melancholy bout itFire pan dem Molly and dem follyEvery girl waa fi look

Break Free From The Program

Nick Ruffo

From the ProgramBreak Free From the ProgramBreak Free From the ProgramBreak Free!!!Walking down the street I don't gotta take coverEven though I'm
program loveprogram love완벽하길 바라는 너의 마음은 마치Program loveProgram love무언가 마음에 안 들면 바로 지워버릴 걸 분명 완벽하게 했는데도너의 표정엔 뜨네 my error잠깐! 어디서부터 잘못된 건지



like a programShe just wanna talk, wanna hold handsI just want that top and a slow danceRide around my city draped in smoke like the popeWhen I was

Grand Nationxl

dyin that ain't a f*ckin flexBig stepper program n I ain't miss a repGave em the blueprint cus we ain't finished yetTop tier take your top offLot

How Does It Feel

Dizzee Rascal

Check, checkUhHow does it feel when you know you're top boy and you ain't got no boss? (How does it feel?)How does it feel when you grab that

Eastside Party [Previously Unreleased Track]

Snoop Dogg

Death Row's Snoop Doggy Dogg Greatest Hits [Clean]


thang nigg* bring yo assG's up Ho's down nigg* you know the programNo one throws a Eastside party like we doNobody, no one does it betterNo one


Wu-Tang Clan

America Is Dying Slowly


keeps brothers Smothered under deep covers Erotic programs, Moet and slow jams Enough to make you hold hands And plus you a bold man You fall in

Dial A Jam


Listen to the ballad of 40 Thevz number oneAs I grab the microphone like a dagger does a gunBut I don't be jackin' fools for dey automobilesI

Where does the Water Come From

Shining Lion

to use positive thoughtsProgram the water in your bodyProgram the water in the bodiesLake river ocean streamsHow does the water make your dreamsYou
infiniteOn God (what)I'm 'bout to, I'm 'bout to be at the top of my worldLook at the sh*t that I'm serving, nobody does itOn God (what)I got to,

The Space Program

A Tribe Called Quest

where they would promote the showOptimistic little brother with a hope you knowThere ain't a space program for nigg*sYeah, you stuck here, nigg*

Glitch in the Program

E Sosa

sh*tLookGlitch in the program imma show all my nigg*s how to get itGlitch in the program they done let too many fake nigg*s in itGlitch in


jiggy, Bakeout, Raye Mamas, The Finesse God

The f*ck We Still Slaves.?Why They Still Diggin' Our Graves.?Got Some nigg*'s Minds On ChainsCan't Program MeI Know WazeWe Gon Do This sh*t Mundane

Joe Rogan

Vinny Vici

Movin’ them packages just like a mailman; y’all need to get with the programI’ve been down on the low end, now’days I feel like I’m chosen, ayef*ck


Bino Rideaux

You think my life just too fastSome things you won't understandTake risks, take trips, I won't landDon't disrespect my programI know you miss

A. Gatsby

No turn it upTurn it upYeahUhI'm a top manDon't rate then get off famBe straight with the programDon't hate don't spite you should know man

On Top

Jelly Roll

one day you'll get it"Now we on top (on top)On top (on top)Yeah, we on top (on top)Yeah, we on top (on top)I will never go full broke

Panama City Beach

Mark Bingham

you're mistaken for IvankaWhat does that tell you when you change your name to VeraWhat does that tell you when your halter top falls offWhat does that

American Dream

Dominic Balli

American Dream


Dream) American Dream (America my American Dream) American Dream (America the American Dream) American Dream (What does it cost for my American



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      Lyrics containing the term: does tops program (2024)
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