Champaign County Mugshots Zone (2024)

Champaign County Mugshots Zone (1)


Name WHITE, ROBBY JAMES DOB 09/13/1983 Age 40 Height 6′ 1″ Weight 190 lbs Hair Brown Eye Brown Race White...

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Champaign County Mugshots Zone (2)


Name GARCIA HERNANDEZ, MARIA DOB 05/13/1980 Age 43 Height 5′ 3″ Weight 170 lbs Hair Brown Eye Brown Race Hispanic...

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Champaign County Mugshots Zone (3)


Name THOMAS, JASMINE PEARL DOB 07/30/2004 Age 19 Height 5′ 6″ Weight 125 lbs Hair Black Eye Brown Race Black...

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Champaign County Mugshots Zone (4)


Name STUMP, DALE RICHARD, Third DOB 03/08/1967 Age 56 Height 6′ Weight 175 lbs Hair Black Eye Brown Race White...

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Champaign County Mugshots Zone (5)


Name SNYDER, HEIDI SUZANNE DOB 09/15/1976 Age 47 Height 5′ 1″ Weight 140 lbs Hair Blond or Strawberry Eye Blue...

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Champaign County Mugshots Zone (6)


Name WINSTON, LANEE LAEL DOB 11/04/1988 Age 34 Height 5′ 3″ Weight 130 lbs Hair Black Eye Brown Race Black...

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Champaign County Mugshots Zone (7)


Name SPROUSE, KURTIS DANIEL DOB 10/01/1967 Age 55 Height 6′ 7″ Weight 280 lbs Hair Brown Eye Brown Race White...

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Champaign County Mugshots Zone (8)


Name DUNCAN, DESEAN TEROND DOB 10/02/2000 Age 22 Height 5′ 9″ Weight 175 lbs Hair Black Eye Brown Race Black...

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Champaign County Mugshots Zone (9)

MATEO ALEX JUAN 09/19/2023

Name MATEO, ALEX JUAN DOB 06/07/2005 Age 18 Height 5′ 3″ Weight 110 lbs Hair Brown Eye Brown Race Hispanic...

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Champaign County Mugshots Zone (10)


Name DAVIS, DAYTAN LEE DOB 05/14/1996 Age 27 Height 5′ 10″ Weight 175 lbs Hair Brown Eye Blue Race White...

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Champaign County Mugshots Zone (2024)


How do I access local mugshots? ›

Your local police station should have arrest records for the city. Stop in during normal business hours to request a report. You may need to fill out a form and pay a processing fee. Arrest records are public records, so they should be generally available.

Are Illinois mugshots public? ›

Mugshots are the property of the government. They are a part of the public record. Most mugshots are released by state law enforcement agencies. They must be made available to the media.

How to find mugshots for Bexar County? ›

If you would like to request a mug shot, a copy of an incident report, or submit an open records request, Please visit Central Records for more information.

What county is Champaign, IL in? ›

What app shows local mugshots? ›

JailBase has spent a long time compiling arrest records throughout American counties, and says that this app represents the first time that the public can search mugshots using facial recognition.

How to look up arrests in Illinois? ›

Contact the record custodian:

Generally, record custodians provide requestors with three options: Searching an online arrest log. Sending a mail request. Visiting the office in person to conduct the search.

Are police reports public record in Illinois? ›

Illinois criminal records include the individual's name, aliases, mugshots, arrest warrant information and records, booking information, charges, court documents, conviction records, sentencing details, and probation and parole records. Criminal records are generally accessible to the public in Illinois.

Does Illinois have open records? ›

FOIA is the state Freedom of Information Act. Under the Illinois Freedom of Information Act (5 ILCS 140), records in the possession of public agencies may be accessed by the public upon written request.

Where can I see local arrests? ›

Individuals utilizing official sources can check the website of a local sheriff or police unit, which may feature some arrest information. A local law enforcement agency's website may also have an online database that the public can access to find out if someone is in jail following an arrest.

Does Texas show mugshots? ›

In the state of Texas, mugshots and other arrest information are public information. And due to documents like the Freedom of Information Act, there can be no Texas arrest laws barring the publication or distribution of that data. Certain state laws require courts to send legal takedown notices to mugshot sites.

Are mugshots public in Florida? ›

After an arrest in Florida, law enforcement agencies record the suspect's personal information and fingerprints and capture two photographs – a front view and a profile. These mugshots become an integral part of an individual's Florida arrest records, which are generally open to the public unless expunged or sealed.

What is Champaign, IL famous for? ›

Widely known as home to the University of Illinois, the City of Champaign hosts a number of other outstanding educational resources.

What is the nickname for Champaign? ›

That's “Chambana” To You

The area is frequently treated as just one big metropolitan area. The much larger Champaign gets lumped in with Urbana by locals with the hybrid name Chambana for short.

Why is Champaign called Champaign? ›

Champaign was founded in 1855, when the Illinois Central Railroad placed its tracks two miles west of downtown Urbana. Originally called “West Urbana”, it was renamed “Champaign” when it acquired a city charter in 1860. Both the city and county name were derived from Champaign County, Ohio.

Are Georgia mugshots public? ›

Mugshots are also called booking photographs in Georgia arrest records. Under the Georgia Code § 35-1-19, the disclosure of mugshots is prohibited unless the arrested person falls under the category of the state's sexual offender registry.

Are Texas mugshots public? ›

Yes. The Texas Freedom of Information Laws are codified in the Texas Public Information Act (Texas Government Code 552) and other relevant statutes. The Texas Government Code 552 guarantees the rights of all persons to complete information about the affairs of the government and other public officials.

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