Can You Write IPMAT 2025 Without Math: Facts Vs Myths (2024)

Overview:Curious about acing the IPMAT 2025 without a strong math background? "Can you write IPMAT without Math?" Discover the surprising answer in this guide as we explore eligibility criteria, exam patterns, and strategic tips.

The Integrated Program in Management Aptitude Test (IPMAT) stands as a beacon for many aspirants, yet the mathematical component often casts a shadow of apprehension.

Is it possible to approach this prestigious examination without a stronghold on mathematics?

Delve deeper, and by continuing to read, you'll uncover a well-informed perspective on this pertinent query.

Can you write IPMAT without Math?

Coming to the answer to the above question

IPM program is open to students from all streams, including those who do not have a background in Mathematics.

Hence, it is possible to write "IPMAT" without being a Math student in class 12.

This program is open to students from all streams and does not require knowledge of Mathematics in classes 11 and 12. Hence, anyone fulfilling the IPMAT eligibility criteria can write the exam and apply for the program.

Can you write IPMAT without Math?: Eligibility

IIM Indore Exam Eligibility Criteria

Age:You should be born on or after August 01, 2005 (5 years of relaxation to the candidates from SC/ST/PwD category will be given).

Qualifying Exam:You should have passed Standard XII/ HSC or equivalent examination in 2023, 2024 or 2025.

Minimum Percentage (%) of marks:You should have a minimum of 60% in standard X/ SSC (55 % for the candidates from SC/ST/ PwD category).

IIM Rohtak Exam Eligibility Criteria

You must satisfy the following criteria to apply.

General, NC-OBC and EWS Category:You must score at least 60% in standard X/ SSC and standard XII/ HSC or equivalent examinations.

SC, ST and PWD (DAP) Category:You must score at least 55% in standard X/ SSC and standard XII/ HSC or equivalent examinations.

Age:You should be a maximum of 20 as of June 30, 2025.

Importance of Mathematics in IPMAT Exam

To be clear, As per the IPMAT Exam Pattern 2025, the exam does contain a Quantitative Ability (QA) section.

Giving equal emphasis to verbal and analytical abilities is important.

While it's beneficial to have a grasp on basic mathematical concepts, it isn’t the end-all of the examination.

Check:How to Master Maths for IPMAT 2025

Can you write IPMAT without Math?: Number of Questions

There are three sections in the IPMAT 2025 exam:

  • Quantitative Ability (MCQ)
  • Quantitative Ability (SA)
  • Verbal Ability

Number of question in quantitative ability section in the paperis listed in the table below -

IPMAT Indore Exam Pattern

ParametresQuantitative AbilityQuantitative Ability
Question TypeObjective Type Questions(MCQ)Descriptive Type (Short Answers)
Number of Questions3015
Maximum Marks12060
Time Duration40 mins40 mins

Check the IPMAT exam pattern and syllabusbefore you start your Quants preparations.

IPMAT Rohtak Exam Pattern

SectionNumber of QuestionsTime duration for the section
Quantitative Ability4040 Minutes

Number of IPMAT Quantitative Ability Questions

  • Quantitative ability question in IPMAT Rohtak is 40 for 160 marks.
  • Similarly, Quantitative ability question in IPMAT Indore is 45 for 180 marks.

Can you write IPMAT without Math?Strategies for Non-Math Student

A strategic approach, especially for non-math students, can pave the way to success.

1 - Important topics to prepare for IPMAT Quantitative Section

Practice problems from the table below:

Important IPMAT Quantitative Concepts
Advanced ArithmeticTime and Work, Time-Speed-Distance, Progression
Basic AlgebraLinear/Quadratic Equations, Factorization of Polynomials, Word Problems
Higher AlgebraP & C, Probability, Log, Set theory, Functions, Inequalities, Word Problems
Geometry, Mensuration, Trigonometry & Coordinate GeometryTriangles, Circles, Polygons, Area, Volume, Height & Distance, Coordinate Geometry
Higher MathsMatrices and Determinants, Limits, Differentiations/Integration, Statistics
Data InterpretationTables, Bar Graph, Pie Charts, Line Graphs, Mixed Graphs
Mixed Application-BasedGeometry and Time, Speed Distance, Statistics and Probability, Logs and Inequalities, Remainder Theorems, Binomial Theorem-based questions
Percentage & its applications, Ratio, Average, Alligations, Numbers and its applications

2 - Start with common or fundamental topics

  • Pick up subjects like algebra and arithmetic that are similar to IPMAT Indore and Rohtak exams as you begin your preparation for the IPMAT.
  • To be able to tackle any form of question that appears on the exam, practice a sizable number of questions from the concepts given in the table.
  • This will assist you in making up for any questions that you might be unable to tackle due to the more difficult arithmetic requirements.

3 – Practice Verbal Ability Questions

The Integrated Program in Management Aptitude Test (IPMAT) evaluates candidates on several fronts, one of which is the Verbal Ability (VA). This section assesses a candidate's proficiency in the English language, including comprehension, vocabulary, and grammar.

You can score good marks in Verbal Ability to make up for all IPMAT scores.

4 - Choose Quants Topics you are comfortable with and Ace Them

No one has enough time to finish all 45 quant questions due to time limits. Therefore, in order to maximize your score, you should choose the questions that you are certain about and those you can answer quickly.

You do not need to prepare for every question because you are not required to attempt them all. You can browse the themes, comprehend what each one entails, and pick a handful that you feel most at ease with and are confident you can master with regular practice.

5 - Regular Mock Tests with Analysis

Take frequent mock tests to simulate the real exam environment.

More importantly, analyze the results to understand mistakes and areas of improvement, especially in the QA section.

The key is a balanced approach for IPMAT preparations. Understand your strengths, work on your weaknesses, and remember that every section in the exam offers an opportunity to score.

If you're pondering the question, "Can I write IPMAT without diving deep into math?", the answer is a resounding yes. With the right strategies and a holistic approach, not only can you attempt IPMAT, but you can also achieve a commendable score. Happy studying!

Key Takeaways:

  • Eligibility for All Streams: The IPMAT is open to students from all academic backgrounds, including those without a strong math foundation in classes 11 and 12.
  • Balanced Preparation: Success in IPMAT requires a balanced approach to preparation, leveraging verbal abilities and focusing on manageable quantitative topics.
  • Strategic Exam Approach: Non-math students can use strategic tips, such as focusing on fundamental math concepts and practicing verbal ability questions, to enhance their performance.
  • Utilize Resources: Leveraging various resources, including free study materials, mock tests, and practice problems, can significantly boost preparation and confidence.
  • Exam Patterns and Criteria: Understanding the detailed exam patterns and eligibility criteria for IIM Indore and IIM Rohtak is crucial for effective preparation and maximizing exam scores.

Prepare with: IPMAT Mock Test Series 2025

Can You Write IPMAT 2025 Without Math: Facts Vs Myths (2024)
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