Bell Cad Property Tax Search (2024)

1. Tax Appraisal District of Bell County Property Search

  • Know what you are looking for? Find results quickly by selecting the Owner, Address, ID or Advanced search tabs above. Seeing too many results? Try using the ...

  • Information provided for research purposes only. Legal descriptions and acreage amounts are for appraisal district use only and should be verified prior to using for legal purpose and or documents. Please contact the Appraisal District to verify all information for accuracy.

2. Bell CAD – Tax Appraisal District

  • Property Search · Pay Property Taxes and Fees · Pay Property Taxes · Online Forms

  • May 22nd Storms - Possible Tax Relief

3. Property Taxes - Bell County, Texas

  • Property Taxes are collected at the Tax Appraisal District. The Bell County Tax Assessor-Collector does not collect property taxes nor does the Appraisal ...

  • Property Taxes are collected at the Tax Appraisal District.  The Bell County Tax Assessor-Collector does not collect property taxes nor does the Appraisal District report to the Tax Assessor-Collector or the County. 

4. What's in my property tax bill? - Bell CAD

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  • What’s in my property tax bill?

5. Important Websites Bell County Tax Assessor Collector

6. Bell County Public Records - NETR Online

  • NETR Online • Bell • Bell Public Records, Search Bell Records, Bell Property Tax, Texas Property Search, Texas Assessor.

  • Texas Bell Public Records

7. Bell CAD Map Search - Harris Govern

  • Bell CAD Map Search. Text Search. About; Harris Govern ... Map Search. Version 1.06.16. A map based property search application. Harris ...

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8. Bell County Tax Appraisal, Districts & Statistics | O'Connor

  • Bell County property taxes total $841 million annually based on these property tax assessments by Bell CAD. ... Free online enrollment in 3 minutes. No ...

  • Bell County's total tax savings for 2020 is $16 million including $3 million for houses & $15 million for commercial. Learn how to reduce your taxes.

9. Burnet CAD – Official Site


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10. Jones County Appraisal District

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  • Appraises property for ad valorem taxation of these taxing authorities.

11. Property Search - Grayson CAD

  • The Appraisal District reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice. Original records may differ from the information on these pages.

  • Property Search

12. Culberson CAD

  • Appraises property for ad valorem taxation of these taxing authorities.

13. Williamson CAD

  • Visit to find a link to your local property tax database on which you can easily access information regarding your property taxes, ...

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14. County Offices/Appraisal and Assessment Records

  • Jimmy Bell, Revenue Commissioner Conecuh County Courthouse 111 ... Shelby County. Don Armstrong, Property Tax Commissioner Shelby County Property Tax Office

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15. Frio County Appraisal District

  • Appraises property for ad valorem taxation of these taxing authorities.

16. McLennan CAD

  • Within this site, you will find general information about the District, the property tax system in Texas, and information regarding specific properties within ...

17. Glassco*ck County Appraisal District

  • Appraises property for ad valorem taxation of these taxing authorities.

18. Jack County Appraisal District

  • Property Search. Search. Basic Search; By Owner; By Property; All Criteria ...

  • Appraises property for ad valorem taxation of these taxing authorities.

19. Coryell CAD – Official Site

  • Welcome to the Coryell Central Appraisal District. Within this site you will find general information about the District and the ad valorem property tax system ...

  • Find out when taxes become delinquent

20. Leon Central Appraisal District

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  • Appraises property for ad valorem taxation of these taxing authorities.

Bell Cad Property Tax Search (2024)


At what age do you stop paying property taxes in Texas? ›

According to the Comptroller, there is no provision for the cessation of property taxes at any stage. However, there is a Texas property tax exemption for people over the age of 65, which offers temporary tax relief for seniors. At the age of 65, seniors can apply for an exemption from Texas property taxes.

What is the property tax rate for Bell County? ›

Belton, TX – On Monday, August 22, the Bell County Commissioners Court conducted public hearings and officially adopted its Proposed FY2022-2023 budget and tax rate. The finalized rate of . 3393 cents per $100 valuation is the lowest in the region. The FY 2023 tax rate is 5.5 cents lower than last year.

Who is exempt from paying property taxes in Texas? ›

For persons age 65 or older or disabled, Tax Code Section 11.13(c) requires school districts to provide an additional $10,000 residence homestead exemption. Tax Code Section 11.13(d) allows any taxing unit to adopt a local option residence homestead exemption. This local option exemption cannot be less than $3,000.

How do I find out the property tax on my house in Texas? ›

Usually, your property tax bill is located in the following places: Online: Many counties let you access your property tax bills online. To view and print your bill, go to the website of your county's appraisal district or tax collector and input the details of your property.

What is the new tax law for the elderly in Texas? ›

Texas homestead owners over 65 or with a disability will see over $1,400 in savings. Senate Bill 3 (Bettencourt/Geren) law increases the Franchise Tax “no tax due” threshold to $2.47 million and removes burdensome filing requirements for those who do not owe tax.

How much can a 70 year old earn without paying taxes? ›

If you are at least 65, unmarried, and receive $15,700 or more in nonexempt income in addition to your Social Security benefits, you typically need to file a federal income tax return (tax year 2023).

How much does homestead exemption save in Texas? ›

How much does a homestead exemption save you on taxes in Texas? A general homestead exemption in Texas can save you money on property taxes by lowering the taxable value of your home by up to $100,000 for school taxes.

What Texas county has the highest property taxes? ›

Texas Counties with the Highest Property Tax Rates
  • Fort Bend County – 2.48%
  • Tarrant County – 2.37%
  • Harris County – 2.31%
  • Williamson County – 2.22%
  • Collin County – 2.19%
  • Dallas County – 2.18%

Why is Texas property tax so high? ›

Texas has some of the highest property tax bills in the country, owing to the state's lack of an income tax and heavy reliance on property taxes to pay for government services like police, firefighters, sidewalks and, most prominently, public schools.

How do I reduce my property taxes in Texas? ›

The steps below will show you how to lower property taxes in Texas through an appeal.
  1. File a notice of protest.
  2. Prepare information for hearing.
  3. Attend an informal hearing at the Appraisal District office.
  4. Attend an Appraisal Review Board hearing.
  5. Appeal through district court or arbitration.

Can I write off my property taxes in Texas? ›

Yes, you can deduct property taxes on any real estate property as long as you've paid those taxes and itemize your deductions.

What is the new homestead rule in Texas? ›

As part of an $18 billion property tax relief package, Texas homeowners will see their homestead exemption on their property tax bill increase from $40,000 to $100,000 of their home's assessed value. If you have an existing homestead, the changes will automatically apply.

How to calculate property tax in Texas? ›

Taxes are calculated by subtracting the value of any exemptions and, if applicable, the cap value from the homestead value of the property, and then adding any productivity or non-qualifying value. This result, the taxable value, is then multiplied by the tax rate per $100.

What county in Texas has the cheapest property taxes? ›

Five Counties with the Lowest Property Taxes in Texas
  • #5 Kent County – $396.
  • #4 Zavala County – $369.
  • #3 Tie Between Upton & Zapata Counties – $359.
  • #2 Ward County – $342.
  • #1 Terrell County – $285.
  • Don't Live in One of These Low Property Tax Counties? We Can Help!

Is there a limit on property tax increases in Texas? ›

The appraised value for a homeowner who qualifies his or her homestead for exemptions in the preceding and current year may not increase more than 10 percent per year.

How long do you have to pay property taxes in Texas? ›

In most cases, you must pay your property taxes by Jan. 31. Taxes that remain unpaid on Feb. 1 are considered delinquent.

How can I avoid high property taxes in Texas? ›

You may apply for homestead exemptions on your principal residence. Homestead exemptions remove part of your home's value from taxation so they lower taxes. For example, your home is appraised at $50,000, and you qualify for a $15,000 exemption, you will pay taxes on the home as if it was worth only $35,000.

Can seniors defer property taxes in Texas? ›

An individual is entitled to defer collection of a tax on their homestead property if they are 65 years of age or older or disabled (as defined by Section 11.13(m) of the Texas Property Tax Code). The individual must own the property and occupy the property as a residence homestead.

Is Texas going to cut property taxes? ›

A bill that will reduce statewide property taxes for Texas homeowners by roughly $18 billion went into effect Jan. 1.

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